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An attractive design captures the attention on the first visit, but it’s the content that matters just as much. 
It is an art to retain web visitors for a long time, that is not achieved with ‘Flashy’ websites with little content. The site should be simple in structure and easy to use with important, fun or interesting content.
We advise you on the design and realization of an attractive and good website.
We can use existing material to convert it into attractive web content. 
We can work in consultation with you, or you can leave everything to us. We make a plan in advance, so that you know exactly where you stand.

Website maintenanceweb onderhoud

A website that is up to date, and is also seen as such by the users, radiates trust and also to the organization behind it.
DuConsult offers all customers the option of having us take care of the maintenance of the website. This can be done on an ad-hoc basis, but also on the basis of a fixed maintenance agreement, so that your site and its content are always up to date. You only need to supply new material and we will process it within a short time.

In addition, it is also possible to monitor search engines and regularly update registrations with the major search engines (SEO).

Designduconsult vormgeving

A part of designing and creating a website is the design, what does it radiate. How is the text arranged, how are the photos and illustrations placed. The design is also essential when designing folders, brochures, menu cards or business cards. It is rightfully your calling card. All these things can be supplied by us.


Responsive webdesignduconsult responsive webdesign

Your website may look good on a desktop, but is it beautiful and usable on an iPhone, iPad, Tablet and Smartphone and other new devices?
That’s where responsive design can help.
Responsive web design automatically responds to each user’s unique needs. A responsive website adapts based on the screen size and the functionalities of the device used.
We design and develop websites using web technology to make your site look great on mobile, tablet, desktop and TVs.
You’re also compatible with Google, which ranks you higher in search rankings, resulting in more traffic and many more potential customers.

We do this affordably and efficiently, resulting in a beautiful responsive website.