wat is hostingWhat is hosting?

What is hosting? Hosting means that your website is connected to the internet via a server. Your website is hosted on a server, which is basically a regular computer that is turned on 24 hours a day and connected to the internet. Whoever enters your domain name in a browser is automatically directed to the files on the server. This way your website can be seen online all over the world.

What means the word hosting?

The word ‘hosting’ is derived from the English ‘host’, which means ‘host’. Hosting can therefore be explained as housing a website. A web host is therefore actually a host for websites!

What do you need for hosting?

Hosting a site requires a strong, reliable computer with a lot of writing space and memory and a name server that contains the information to which domain name the files on the server belong.
Hosting is provided by web hosting companies, which have a large amount of servers from which they rent disk space. Hosting is often provided in conjunction with email and sometimes domain name registration, but it can also be provided without these additional services.

Types of Hosting

There are many different forms of web hosting available depending on the needs and budget of a person or a company. Most commercial packages come with certain features for users, such as scripts that allow interactive features, forums, or email addresses. Shared hosting services have multiple users with data storage on a single system. Dedicated systems, which tend to be more expensive, give each user their own disk or server dedicated solely to their site, with faster speeds and more powerful options.

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